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Somerset is a mesmerizing location, filled with the beauty of nature. This south-western county of England is significantly known for its diversity that is encapsulated in just one place. The Bristol Channel extends to Somerset’s northern boundary, whereas the rest of the area features lavish rolling hills and captivating moors. If you happen to visit this county, Dunster should be on your list. This historic town is located in the foots of Exmoor National Park. The place boasts an ancient castle dating back to the Norman era, which is purely mesmerizing and welcoming. Another small yet remarkable town in Somerset’s proximity is Watchet, an area rich with a magnificent history of Viking and Saxons. The town once served as the port of trading and has a charming harbor. Have you ever visited a rocky promontory with fantastic views of the coastline? Hurstone Point is the name of the place that will genuinely leave you awestruck. Faite with extraordinary views of the landscape, the 19th century saw the local wealthy landowner establish this landmark as a place of admiration. The Quantock hills and the place’s Conygar Tower are one of the few things that will grab your attention. If you’re a cider lover this is where you must come because Somerset is home to it.