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Birds & Wildlife

Selection of birds and animals I have captured, here are a few to mention. 

 Deer are graceful mammals belonging to the family Cervidae. They are known for their slender legs, hoofed feet, and antlers (in males of certain species). There are several species of deer that can be found in different habitats around the world.

 Penguins are flightless birds that are highly adapted to aquatic life. They are known for their distinctive black and white plumage, waddling gait on land, and efficient swimming abilities underwater. Penguins are found primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, with some species also living in more temperate regions. 

Rhinoceroses, or rhinos, are large herbivorous mammals characterized by their thick, protective skin and distinctive horns. 

Meerkats are small carnivores belonging to the mongoose family. They are native to southern Africa and are known for their social behavior, living in groups called “mobs” or “clans.” Meerkats are highly cooperative and take turns standing guard to watch for predators while others forage for food.

Tufted ducks can be found in a variety of freshwater habitats, including lakes, rivers, coastal lagoons, and estuaries. They are particularly common on larger bodies of water with plenty of submerged vegetation for feeding.

Cormorants are large, dark water birds with long necks and hooked bills. They are skilled divers and swimmers, often seen hunting fish underwater. Cormorants can be found along the coastlines and inland water bodies in the UK. 

Coots are medium-sized water birds with dark plumage, a white bill, and a distinctive white forehead shield. They are skilled swimmers and divers, commonly seen on ponds, lakes, and marshy areas. Coots are known for their aggressive behavior during the breeding season.

Blue tits are small, colorful birds with bright blue and yellow plumage. They are common garden birds in the UK, often seen flitting between trees and feeders. Blue tits are known for their acrobatic flying skills and cheerful songs.

Robins are iconic garden birds with striking red or orange breast feathers. They are known for their bold and inquisitive nature, often approaching humans for food. Robins are year-round residents in the UK and have a melodious song that can be heard throughout the year.